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Slandis Creations LLC

Articulated Sloth

Articulated Sloth

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Desk Pets - Articulating fidget/sensory buddies make a great addition to any desk!

The articulated Sloth has a movable body, head, arms, and legs! The sloth hangs by their feet or hands making them enjoyable with or without the tree.  The sloths are approximately 6 inches long and can be purchased with or without the tree.  The tree comes in 2 pieces and is approximately 10 inches high. Available in a variety of colors. Each sloth is unique, and color patterns will vary.

Designed by Flexi Factory and 3D printed by Slandis Creations. Small moving parts not recommended for small children 6 and under. Keep away from pets. Do not leave them in a hot/cold climate for an extended period. This could damage the product.  Please allow 3-4 business days for processing.

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