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Slandis Creations LLC

Pumpkin wax melts

Pumpkin wax melts

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We’ve transformed our Pumpkin Spice snap bars into actual Pumpkins!

The fresh scent of pumpkin and hops with a spicy blend of nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon atop a bed of sweet vanilla, warm Tonka Bean, and sugar.

To use, place one pumpkin in your wax warmer. The fragrance will fill your home for several days. **Depending on the size of your wax warmer and to prevent overflowing the large pumpkin may need to be cut in half. This can be easily done by placing a kitchen knife under hot water before cutting into the wax.

You will receive a stack of 3 pumpkins. Stems may fall off during shipping. This does not affect the scent. Hand poured in small batches; color may slightly vary.

All our wax melts are made from a paraffin soy blend. The paraffin helps the melts hold their shape and gives a stronger scent throw.

Keep away from small children and pets. DO NOT EAT



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